Realistic preview of expected results!


Some of the most frequently asked questions in our long-term practice with aligners, both from patients and from dental practitioners, are:

In order to answer fully to these questions we have created individual motivational models for each patient. With the motivational models you also get a pair of transparent retainers. The motivational models are plastic models of your teeth aligned according to your treatment plan – a clear representation of how your teeth will look after the completion of the treatment. The visualization of the expected result BEFORE the procedures start is quite useful for all the participants in the treatment process! The preliminarily made retainers have a key role in the demonstration of the achieved results. Provided that these retainers fit tightly to the teeth after the end of the treatment, the aims of the preliminary analysis are fulfilled and the retainers can be used in future in order to retain the achieved results. In case the dental practitioner could not adjust the retainers in the patient’s mouth for some reason, then after a thorough analysis of the causes for that, we provide for free the necessary set of aligners for the 100% achievement of the expected results.