DENTALIGN ® is an invisible alternative to the brackets – it is a plastic aligners made to straighten your teeth by slightly pressing them to achieve a desired position. Each set of aligners is made after a careful impression of your upper and lower jaws, taken by your dentist / orthodontist. 

DENTALIGN ® splints are designed to correct mild to moderate orthodontic cases. Other than aesthetic value, aligners also have benefits for the oral health as they can correct cases like malocclusion or crowded teeth thus improving the overall hygiene of the mouth.

Please consult your dental specialist for your specific case.

Aligners are gently shifting your teeth with a constant gradual pressure. In the process of treatment you wear at least three pairs of aligners by changing them every week.

Most cases take three to nine months. For best results you have to be completely dedicated to your treatment process and wear DENTALIGN ® exactly the way you are instructed by your dental specialist. For fast results, you should wear them a minimum of 16 – 18 hours per day.

For your convenience you can see how your teeth will look like even before you decide to start treatment. An actual visualization of your teeth-to-be together with polymer tooth models can be made through a computer imaging program so that you know what to expect. Just ask for the so-called motivational models.

It is not necessary. As DENTALIGN ®  splints are easily removed, you have no limitations for food and drinks. Just make sure you put them back on once you complete your meal 🙂

Aligners should be cleaned at least once a day – you just remove them and clean with a toothbrush and a toothpaste.

Wearing DENTALIGN ®  splints is easy and painless. You might feel a little discomfort in the beginning of treatment for a day or two till you become used to the new device. 

DENTALIGN ® price is determined on the basis of the complexity of the tooth movement required. DENTALIGN ® splints are considered an affordable orthodontic treatment and are with very competitive price. Please ask your dental specialist for your particular case. 

You have to be informed for your options for treatment. You consult your dentist or orthodontist for your case. You might be looking for more than one opinion. We can also recommend dental clinics at your convenience. Just ask us! Your dentist will make impressions of your jaws and send them to DENTALIGN ® laboratory for analysis. If you want, motivational models can be made. At that stage you will be informed how many steps you need to pass, i.e. how many sets of aligners you will wear and the approximate cost and time of your treatment.