Aligners for straightening teeth without braces


DENTaLIGN ® splints are the new easy tool to have your teeth straightened. It is a set of invisible removable aligners which you wear on your teeth for a predefined period of time - usually a couple of months. As a result your teeth are properly arranged and you have a new shining natural smile. What was achievable before only with braces is now possible with plastic aligners DENTaLIGN ®.

DENTaLIGN ® splints have a few indisputable advantages over other types of orthodontic treatment:

  • They are removable - whenever you eat, drink or brush your teeth you only have to take aligners out. Just put them back on teeth when you finish. 

  • They are comfortable - DENTaLIGN ® splints are specially designed for you after a very careful impression of your bite. As made of plastic and fitting perfectly to your teeth, they gently shift teeth to the best position for a beautiful smile achieved with no discomfort

  • They are invisible - aligners are made of clear transparent plastic. Others can hardly notice you are wearing them. This way they are easily adjusted to your everyday life rhythm.

  • They have no metal parts - no wires, screws or bars - transparent plastic is the only material 

  • They have fast predictable results - treatment with DENTaLIGN ® is fast and you can see in advance the way your teeth will look like when it is over